Artikelnummer: DY12KA-MURASAME


90% Tungsten Barrel
Gesamt Gewicht: 19,5 gr.
Länge 45.0mm
MAX-Diameter: 6,8 mm

Kategorie: Katana A-Flow Softdart

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Material: Tungsten 90%
Length (barrel only): 45mm
Maximum Diameter: 6.8mm
Weight: 17.5 each (barrel only), 19g (Full setup)
Murasame shares the name of a legendary rain-summoning Katana, a prized blade in Japanese culture.
Murasame is a sword-like barrel crafted for those who enjoy straight barrels.
Its main grip section consists of wide ring-cuts that provide ample grip even with sweaty hands, ensuring great performance.
By making this a thin yet long barrel, the force applied does not get dispersed which allows for a sharp throw.
* The flights are pre-punched to allow usage of the Shell Lock rings
Package Content:
Shaft: L-Shaft Slim Lock
Tip: LIPPOINT Flight: Dee.flight with Katana Logo

Shell Lock Rings

E-Dart: 20 gr.