Dynasty A-Flow Platinium Line Moewe

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Katana A-Flow Top Darts !

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Platinium Line Moewe

Material : Tungsten 95%
Length : 38.0mm
Maximum Diameter : 7.6mm
Weight : 17.0g each
Package Content
Shaft : LARO SILENT 260
Flight : Dee.flight "MYM" Standard


Ouchi Mayumi Produce Model
"The Pursuit of the push"
The rear taper angle is comprised of three stages, allowing the thrower to press firmly on the barrel. MOEWE is designed for the player to push the barrel with improved performance, achieving ideal power and trajectory.
The rear rings taper inward in both directions, providing an easy anchor position that is clearly supported, which helps drive the front-loaded barrel forward.

E-Dart: 19 gr.